Mooresville North Carolina Schools

Mooresville North Carolina Schools

Mooresville offers some of the best schools in all of North Carolina, with many receiving awards and recognition for some of the highest test scores in the state. Mooresville North Carolina schools receives a 9/10 on the Great Schools city rating:

For Mooresville Graded school information:
School District Website
School Report Cards

Click on the school name and on the next page near the top is a link to the School Report Card Snapshot. This will give you school size, average class size, test results, school safety, technology accessibility & quality of teachers.

Iredell-Statesville Schools also has several schools in Mooresville (most on the Lake Norman side of Mooresville):

School District Website
Brawley Middle:
Coddle Creek Elem:
Lake Norman Elem:
Lake Norman High:
Lakeshore Elem:
Lakeshore Middle:
Shepherd Elem:
Woodland Heights:


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